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We grow your LinkedIn page by liking posts on behalf of you or your company page.

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We check multiple times a day if there are new posts according to your settings. If so, they'll get like.

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People that get a like follow your page, will add you on LinkedIn and start engaging.

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How many new followers do I have? How many likes did I send out? What keywords can I use? You can find all this on your dashboard.


Talos helps you growing your LinkedIn Company or Personal page by liking posts on behalf of your company page or personal profile.
You can specify the keywords to find these posts, and also select the language, how many likes the post should have before you like it and other settings. This way, we give people that are posting a ‘virtual heads up‘, and in many cases they will check out your LinkedIn page. When they like what they see – i.e. content that is interesting to them – they will in most cases follow you. This way, you’re generating genuine followers, which are interested in your business. So Talos is really not about ‘the number’ of followers but about creating real and engaging followers for your personal or company page, which all are potential customers.

For the company page growth we don’t need access to your personal LinkedIn account. You do need to provide access to an account that is content admin on your Company page. This can be any account and we recommend to create a new account for this. Don’t worry, we’ll save this information in a secure way. We can also provide an account for you for €10 per month.

Talos is designed with the security principle in mind. All our data and environments are physically separated, password protected and encrypted where necessary. You are always in control of you own data.

The Talos interface is in English. We do support liking all languages on LinkedIn. So if you’ve a company that works locally, you can setup Talos to only like posts in your local language. This works best if your keywords are also in local language. For example if you have a Dutch operating shoe company, you want to use the keyword ‘schoen’ instead of ‘shoe’ if you only want to like posts in Dutch. We already have companies from all over the world working with Talos locally.

You can select a package above and sign up. You always have a two week free trial, no creditcard needed. We recommend you to start with the € 99 per month package to see how Talos helps your business, and built onto that afterwards.

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Beginner’s Package



All automation features included

Complete Care Package



Growing on auto pilot

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Our Clients Say



Recruitment page

Connectsly grew in a couple of months to over 60.000 followers using Talos. Connectsly helps connecting job seekers to jobs. The whole process worked like a charm!



Technician Information

Working with Talos Growth has helped us expand our reach on LinkedIn rapidly. As a start-up company, we have little resources and need to spend our time wisely. Talos growth delivers us roughly 100 valuable new followers per week. This way we create reach in areas of the world which could never be accomplished by cold calling or expensive marketing actions. The tool is easy to understand and gives great feedback on what it is doing all day.



Beer Lovers

With Talos Growth, we grow our nice market company page from only a handful followers to over 500 followers in just a couple of weeks. I got often invited by leading experts in the field to connect, who found me via my company page.

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