Why do I need a LinkedIn company page?

The most asked question over here at Talos Growth is; ‘why do I need to promote a LinkedIn company page, I already have my personal account?’. The fundamental question here is ‘Why do I need a LinkedIn company page?’. Below you find the top 4 reasons why you should make a LinkedIn company page.

Promote your company – and your products / services

A company page on LinkedIn provides you and you company with an additional way to promote your products and services. You can share your thoughts about your product with your followers, and give out links to your website. People that follow your page are directly interested in the services you have to offer, and it is an accessible way of following you, without connecting to you in person.

Find job candidates

Whenever you’re looking for the right candidate for your vacancy, LinkedIn is the place to better. And where better to search than directly from your followers based. They are engaged, interested in your product and know what you do. Other potential candidates can easily find more about what you do on your business page.

Increase your online footprint

LinkedIn has a very high score on search engines, and therefore if someone searches for your company it could be that the first hit is on LinkedIn. You want to make sure that you welcome your visitors on a interesting page, to engage them to click through to your website. You can easily add a button to your website to your company page.

Connect to your target audience

LinkedIn is full of users that are there just to make useful connections for their work life. This is where you find your target audience and the company page is a good fit for this. Make sure it’s full of meaningful content and start working with TalosGrowth.com to directly engage with your customers. You fill in the relevant keywords, we give out the likes and the customer will find your page and you can convert them into warm leads. Connecting to your target audience was never this easy.

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