Use These Four Tips to Supercharge Your LinkedIn Ads

As a marketer, you want to maximize every cent spent on LinkedIn ads. We want the same thing for you, which is why we made this list of four tips you can use to triple your LinkedIn ad results. 

Most of these tips work best for sponsored content but they are just as effective for text ads.

Get the basics

Every successful ad campaign has a target audience and an objective. These help you to create the most effective copy and measure your results properly. 

For the target audience, you can use parameters like job title, skills, and industry to narrow things down. There are other categories on LinkedIn ads, like fields of study, degree, gender, and schools attended. The greater your audience definition, the clearer your message will be.

It also helps to be clear on an objective. Some of the most common objectives are 

  • Increase website visits
  • Improve LinkedIn engagements
  • Generate leads

Decide which one(s) is most important to your business and focus the ad on that.

Personalize your ads

Your audience will encounter tons of information every time they log on to LinkedIn and only stop when they find something relevant to them.

That’s why it’s critical to personalize your ads. Instead of launching one cookie-cutter ad for everyone, develop multiple variations. 

For example, if you’re a marketing consultant, people may hire you as a coach, or manage their business marketing. In this case, it helps to create two separate ads to cater to each group. That way, you’re saying exactly what your audience needs to hear, and are more likely to see excellent results.It’s also important to keep your copy short and to the point. Industry data shows that the most effective sponsored content links have less than 150 characters.

Finetune your budget

How much should you bid on LinkedIn ads? According to LinkedIn, you’ll see higher CTRs and conversions if you bid above the suggested range. Specifically, marketers who bid 10% above the suggested rate saw 15% greater CTRs and 27% more conversions.

On the other hand, stay within the suggested range if you’re looking for improved ROI because data suggests you can see as much as a 33% bump in ROI by bidding in the suggested bracket.

Run A/B tests

Data is important in any marketing campaign. We’ve found that the more data we have to work with, the more successful our campaigns are. One unbeatable way to generate data for your campaign is A/B testing.

With A/B testing, you’re showing different variations of the same campaign to your audience to see which ones perform better. You can then run the better version of your ad for the best possible results.

The variations could be as simple as swapping pictures, or as in-depth as rewriting the copy. The goal is to change things up to see what works best.

You can also use your LinkedIn page to run free tests on your sponsored content. Simply share your ads as a post to see how they perform. Another option is to pick your highest-performing posts and turn them into ads for explosive results.

The bottom line

LinkedIn Ads are effective at delivering results, whether it’s generating traffic, increasing engagement, or building awareness for your brand. Each of these tips has its merits, but you’ll find the most success when you combine them in your campaigns.

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