Top 3 tips for growing your LinkedIn company page

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional online community with over 750 million members. Building an engaging LinkedIn company page starts with attracting followers. Building quality connections and engaging with others are key steps to build your page following. Asking followers to share your content is another essential tip to increase your following. How do you do on attracting followers? Here are some tips to grow your following and create quality connections.

Tip #1: Bi-weekly posts are a great way to share company updates and promote content to gain followers
Try to post on your LinkedIn company page at least twice a week. This way you can share your relevant content to your followers, and potential new followers see you’re actually worth following.

Tip #2: Add a link to your LinkedIn company page on your website & email signature.
Your customers are already interested in your services, easiest way to directly ask them to follow your page.

Tip #3: Create polls and share the results
Polls are a great way to engage your existing follower base, and if you share the results they can share that with their connection. A win – win.

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