How to Get More Followers on LinkedIn: Top 6 Tips and Tricks

LinkedIn is an indescribably powerful tool to grow a business, popularize a brand, generate leads, and get more and more followers. B2B marketers report that 80% of social media leads come from LinkedIn. Along the same lines, we will walk you through the top 6 tips and tricks to leverage that may help you get more LinkedIn company page followers. So, let’s get the ball rolling.  

Using Relevant Hashtags in Your Posts

One of the intelligent ways to increase LinkedIn page followers is taking benefit of hashtags. Hashtags have been there ever since the advent of social media. When it comes to LinkedIn, its utility is also palpable as it proves a valuable tool for search and helps shape present conversations. 

You will also have the option to react and comment on conversations on the hashtag feeds from your brand’s perspective, representing a distinct point of view.

It is nevertheless crucial to stick between 3 and 5 hashtags for each post, as indicated by a social media management platform called Hootsuite. When you choose hashtags, it is essential to go with specific and relevant ones instead of using obscure and general hashtags.

While you will garner better results by choosing relevant hashtags, you can obtain great results if you also find out the popularity of hashtags. It is not good to use only the most popular hashtags when you have a small LinkedIn company page. Indeed, your post will not show up in the ocean. 

Increasing LinkedIn Company Followers from Your Employees

You can boost LinkedIn company page followers by encouraging your employees to share the posts updated by the company. Similarly, the company page can also share posts that reflect original content produced by your key employees. It helps show your employees as experts in their relevant fields and thus elevate the mutual voice of your company and your employees.

Please remember that your company page should be appropriately connected to the profile of your employees on LinkedIn. Unfortunately, employees sometimes fail to set up their profiles with the right company page. While it is a simple step, it is also one of the overlooked parts.

Publishing Thought Leadership Content on LinkedIn

When it comes to the content type you need to publish, it can be related to trends, industry news, and other relevant topics. In particular, 88% of business decision-makers are of the opinion that thought leadership content helps uplift the perception of their organizations.

Sadly, just 17% of them rate the thought leadership content published on LinkedIn as “very good” or “excellent.” To grow LinkedIn company followers, you can exploit this gap by publishing well-informed, helpful, and the most relevant content for the audience you want to target.

Collaborating With LinkedIn Influencers

Collaborating with LinkedIn influencers is another way of growing a LinkedIn company page. It helps persuade another chunk of the audience by pushing your content in front of them. On the one hand, your employees show your content to a limited audience, but on the other hand, LinkedIn influencers help present your content to a much larger audience.

It is worth noting that you work with an influencer that targets an audience similar to your company’s audience. Given that your company cannot afford a large budget, your company can also team up with micro-influencers. Your company can collaborate with LinkedIn influences in several ways: co-authoring an article, doing a webinar together, or tagging each other in posts.

Interacting With Your LinkedIn Company Page

Interacting with your audience through your LinkedIn company page on their likes and comments is another way to increase LinkedIn page followers. At the same time, you can also tag your LinkedIn company page with your personal account to further expand your audience. 

LinkedIn even promotes this – you approach replying to your audience’s comments the same way you write a post for your page. It is because it helps make an excellent first impression.   

Let us explore an interesting point here. Wouldn’t it be the best option if someone interacts with your audience posts on behalf of your company page? With a bit of luck, you will never miss this opportunity if you get a chance to lessen some of the burdens on your shoulders.

You will be amazed to know that we from Talos Growth are at your service to grow your company’s LinkedIn page by liking posts from your audience on behalf of your company. We interact with people who post a ‘virtual heads up’ and make them realize that your company exists. As a result, they will visit your LinkedIn page, like what exciting information they see, and follow you in most cases. Thus, you generate genuine followers interested in your business. But remember that you will have to define the keywords, language, and other parameters yourself.

Knowing and Growing Your Audience

With the help of page analytics, you can access particularized and aggregated data about the traits and demographics of your visitors and followers from either desktop or mobile applications. You will also determine which of your posts and updates drive the most elevated engagement.

In the long run, you can ceaselessly optimize for better audience engagement with these bits of knowledge in hand, offering the sort of content they realize most valuable.

Are you still wondering how to get more followers on LinkedIn systematically? Talos Growth can help you go a long way as it allows you to monitor all engagements through your Talos dashboard. Simply register your company, start the service, and then your page will get noticed.

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