20 ways to grow on LinkedIn in 2021

Businesses feel a need for social networking with an expansion of work from home/remote working that has developed significantly, mainly in the view of COVID-19. LinkedIn is the best platform for reaching professional audiences all over the world. With more than 756 million users from more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is currently the explicit pioneer for providing an interface to business partners, B2B prospects, and potential hires. In addition, it can be used to build your relationship with customers and to create brand awareness. For this purpose, businesses, brands, and entrepreneurs need to build connections on LinkedIn and grow their presence on the platform. However, it might not be a cup of tea for everyone as getting to a certain growth level on LinkedIn requires mastering some skills and following some tips and tricks that really help.

While want to grow your presence on LinkedIn, it is essential to draw a distinct line between who you’re going to follow and whom you shouldn’t connect with as you’ve to keep your connections relevant to your business goals. So, are you ready to get started? Let’s discover some powerful practical ways that can help triple the size of your network on LinkedIn, leading to more engagement, lead generation, conversions, and revenue.

1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile

The first and the most essential step in growing on LinkedIn is to optimize your profile. Give it a professional look. Make it appealing to the target audience. Add a photograph of yourself or the logo of your business (for the brand profile). Add a self-explanatory cover image that adds value to your profile, further elaborating it. This is the groundwork that you’ll be doing to give sanity and authenticity to your profile.

2. Connecting with people and making strong relationships

Being new to LinkedIn, you probably won’t have any connections at all. So, start connecting first with your friends, family members, colleagues, associates, and your university alumni. Build a list of all the people you know and try to find them on LinkedIn. You might not find everyone on LinkedIn; however, you’ll see most professional people over there. Once you start generating traffic to your profile, you’ll be able to connect with more people having mutual connections.

3. Develop content roadmap

One of the most important steps for growing on LinkedIn is to design a content road map. Figure out what you want to achieve using LinkedIn. You’ll have to set clear goals and engagement targets to attract people and potential clients. The best strategy is to divide your growth goals into achievable chunks.

4. Find a highly targeted audience and connect to them

By targeting on LinkedIn, you can quickly zero in on the exact audience, company, or job. Also, targeting is unparalleled, particularly in the digital marketing domain.

5. Create short, compelling LinkedIn text posts

Craft short text posts in an appealing manner. LinkedIn provides you with text posts of up to 1300 characters to share your thoughts, ideas, and experiences. These posts tell people a lot about you, so be careful as you pen down these posts. For example, you can tell people about what’s your expertise? What are your experiences? By sharing helpful information, you can grab people’s attention, and they’re more likely to follow you. This is the way you can grow on LinkedIn quickly.

6. Share visual content (photos and videos) on LinkedIn.

Visual content on LinkedIn is not limited to your profile photo and banner image; instead, it includes posts that you share frequently. LinkedIn algorithms prioritize a content mix, so you can share pictures and videos on your profile.  LinkedIn research suggests that video content broadens the reach by 20 times. But remember, you can’t overdo it as some people prioritize pictures over text, but there’s another category as well. So, you need to have an inclusive approach that suits all of your target audience. You can share everything in the picture, from your achievements to expertise, infographics for creating brand awareness, or anything that you find exciting or impressive. You can share any type of eye-catchy content that feels like having the potential to grab the attention of people. Similarly, you can also share videos with short how-to content or anything educational or entertaining. Always use subtitles for the videos as it helps your content reach a larger audience with different language backgrounds.

7. Use keywords in your profile

Similar to optimizing the website for SEO, LinkedIn provides you an opportunity to attract people to your profile based on your word choice. But, of course, every word counts, so you should use common variations of titles that make you stand out distinctly.

8. Write articles and publish them.

Connect your blog with LinkedIn. Write articles resonating with your audience and share URLs on LinkedIn. You can also share long-form posts/articles on your profile, as it is the best technique to establish your brand and for sharing your expertise.

9. Always deliver value

Design a content strategy and produce valuable content that’s perfectly catered to the audience’s requirements. Stay focused on what matters the most to your audience and create inspiring content accordingly.

10. Maintain a consistent posting cadence

Maintaining a consistent engagement is possible by posting on your LinkedIn page on a daily basis at least once a day. You can experiment with different time slots to see what works best for you. While the time consideration for posting content on LinkedIn is essential, the days you post also matter. So, posting on weekends is not a good idea; instead, you can publish content on weekdays. However, depending on the niche, posting on weekends might also help. For example, if you are in an entertainment shopping business, people are more likely to get attracted to what you post on weekends.

11. Use hashtags

Hashtags help people find the content based on their interests. LinkedIn allows to search using hashtags. People often use hashtags to discover conversations and will enable you to appear on trending conversations. You can also mention people in the content to gain exposure to their network.  By associating your LinkedIn page to specific hashtags, you can enter a feed and participate in conversations from your brand’s point of view, giving it easy exposure to the relevant audience.

12. Include a call to action

Once you have grabbed your audience’s attention, make sure to get most of that opportunity by including a ‘call to action’ in a smart way. Whether you’re trying to generate revenue, leads, or traffic, you can encourage your audience to do something. Give people a convincing reason to follow you. For example, the content with links on LinkedIn is likely to have a higher follower engagement by 45% compared to those without links. Always customize your call to action considering various scenarios.

13. Follow LinkedIn page analytics

LinkedIn Data analytics is the best tool that gives you an idea about how your campaign is performing. LinkedIn analytics is the site’s internal analytics system that provides you clear and precise data about the performance of your content on LinkedIn. It gives you a piece of information about the demographics, titles, roles, industries, and seniority of your visitors. It can help you align your content with what your visitors are looking for.

14. Add a follow button

Adding a follow button on your LinkedIn profile can increase engagement by bringing your website’s visitors to LinkedIn and vice versa. Simply, you’ll have to switch your profile from a personal profile to a ‘Follow’ profile.

15. Respond to reactions/comments on your posts

Try to encourage engagement in your posts. Be responsive, personable, friendly, and warm to the reactions and comments of people by replying with equally valuable comments. In this way, you can reach a larger audience as LinkedIn members are more interested in pages that actively engage their community. Improve your content in a way that enhances a substantive and thoughtful engagement.

16. Join and create LinkedIn groups

Join LinkedIn groups relevant to your targeted demography as they are getting a massive makeover. This is a great way to listen to what your audience is talking about, knowing their needs and pain points. You can also interact with the audience, share expertise, information, and advice. Groups give you a chance to interact with people, even the ones you’ve no connection with. Besides following groups, you can also create your own LinkedIn group for a particular niche. This is another way to grow your audience on LinkedIn in 2021.

17. Create showcase pages

Linkedin showcase pages serve as your portfolio. Showcase pages are the affiliated extensions of your main LinkedIn page. They help you create multiple discovery points for your profile. You can fill these showcase pages with valuable SEO-optimized content to draw people’s interest whether they search through pulse, LinkedIn, or any other affiliated platform. The best strategy to use these showcase pages is to use them for broader business lines instead of creating showcase pages for different regions or products.

18. Share a mix of content

LinkedIn suggests sharing mixed-up content based on the the 4-1-1 rule. So, fSor example, for oneone post about your brand, share an update from another source of fourfour content posts published by others. This will help you cater to your audience’s needs instead of just promoting your brand all the time. Furthermore, it will enhance the confidence and reliability of your LinkedIn profile in the eyes of the visitors.

As we say that you should keep posting content daily, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve to dig out fresh content every day from scratch. You can spin the wheel instead of reinventing it. You can repurpose blogs, infographics, posts, eBooks, videos, and events. You can also reshare the content that performed best previously so that people who might have skipped it get another chance to have a look.

19. Share job postings

LinkedIn is a popular platform for job hunting. You can leverage your page not only for talent acquisition but also for marketing, exposing it to a new audience.

20. Create LinkedIn business pages

LinkedIn Pages provide you a great platform to share additional content on LinkedIn. You can promote your business and cross-share your content as well. Your LinkedIn profile and pages are treated individually, so you’re more likely to be discovered by different people simultaneously.

The Bottom line

Growing on LinkedIn is not an overnight game, and you’ll have to follow the above-given tips consistently. LinkedIn has excellent networking potential putting you just a click away from meeting anyone around the world-all without leaving the comfort of your home. We at talosgrowth.com make LinkedIn growth a lot easier for you. We make you directly engage with customers. You’ll be posting well-optimized content, and we’ll give you likes exposing your content to a larger audience giving you genuine followers with a high potential to turn into customers.

So, What are you waiting for? Contact us and start tripling your growth on LinkedIn today!

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